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First page of the PDF file: CGEClubBrochure22-23

School Club Policies & Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

  • Demonstrates Eagle Expectations at all times
  • Attend all club meetings.
  • Contribute positively to the club.
  • Remind family about club meetings.
  • Do your best and nothing less.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

  • Review club calendar with your student.
  • Support your student in their club activities.
  • Pick-up student promptly after club meetings or arrange for student to attend Extended Day Enrichment Program (EDEP).

Our School Policies

  • Clubs are organized into Fall and Spring sections. Students may participate in a club during Fall only, spring only, or both. This varies by club.
  • Younger brothers/sisters of club members may not wait unsupervised on campus.
  • We value the time of our club sponsors. Please observe the pick-up time for your students club. Two late pick-ups may result in student's removal from club.