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picture of Mrs. Greboszv
Hi! I'm Mrs. Grebosz and I am proud to serve as the Citrus Grove Elementary Technology Special Area Teacher. We are all MAKERS and with the 4C's (Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Creative Thinking) we can MAKE anything!

What is technology special area?

Technology is such a broad word, encompassing a variety of tools and devices.

As such, my goal in Technology Special Area is to provide students with learning opportunities to interact with both iPads, laptops, robots, and assorted STEM building materials.

I encourage student development in the 4C's {creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication} through digital Literacy, digital citizenship, keyboarding, computer science, STEM, STEAM and project-based learning. 

​Students will get to explore as scientists, engineers, problem solvers, critical thinkers, digital citizens, inventors, artists, and cooperative team members--together we are MAKERS.

Technology Resources

Commonsense Media: This is a great website for lessons in digital citizenship and provides information/reviews on television, games, music and movie content to help parents in selecting media that is content and age appropriate.

CODE: This is a great computer science website. Students can learn and practice coding with virtual-block and java-script programming.